Puerto Rican man hopes to unite communities in Sussex County

SEAFORD, Del. – “Yo soy Sussex, I am Sussex represents what America is all about,” said José Quiñones, a real estate agent in Sussex County.

A new campaign is looking to bring new changes to Sussex County, and the goal is to help people understand that we all want to make a difference in the community no matter where we come from.

“We are all here for the same reason and at the end of the day when you boil it down we want the same things,” said Quiñones.

“We want great neighbors, we want a phenomenal house so my property value can stay and I want great schools for my children,” said Quiñones.

Quiñones says he wants to showcase people from all walks of life through different platforms like social media. He says Latinos in the area are passionate about Delaware and that they should not be afraid to show it.

“They’re going down to Rehoboth in the summer, they buying jeeps, they’re going to the dunes,” said Quiñones.

“They are having fun, so they’re Sussex Countians, they are enjoying life here, so at the end of the day they’re just like our neighbors,” said Quiñones.

In order to push for the campaign, Quiñones says he will be creating an office space in Seaford for different communities across Sussex County.

“We have to have be in communication with everyone,” said Mario Raso Gonzalez, a Georgetown resident.

“We are in America and we have to live with our neighbors, with Caucasian people and well really with everyone and this will show them that we are working people,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says the campaign is much needed in places like Georgetown where he feels there are many opportunities.

“Truly, this country gives a lot of opportunities and I think that if one person can succeed everyone else can, too,” said Gonzalez.

Quiñones says he hopes more people will understand that Latinos and people of all kinds in Sussex County are here to stay and he hopes Yo Soy Sussex will ultimately help bring that to light.

“What I want to do as far as for the Latino community, for them to be proud of being part of the community because believe or not this community ain’t going no where,” said Quiñones.

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