Phillips Landing boat ramp gets much needed improvements

LAUREL, Del. -In Laurel, residents and visitors now have new and enhanced access to the Nanticoke River. Phillips Landing in Laurel is complete with a brand new three-lane boat ramp, two floating docks and even a kayak and canoe launch for people to enjoy. It’s a million dollar project that’s been years in the making that will make it easier for more people to enjoy the 7,000 acres of state wildlife that surrounds the area.

“One of the great things about it, you can see the metal there. The way it’s built, it protects from the tides of the river so you’re able to get your boat off your trailer and on a trailer a whole lot easier. It’s just gonna make things quicker,” explains Rep. Tim Dukes.

State officials also praised the completion of another project just up the river called the Woodland Wharf, which also offers a brand new boat dock and kayak launch.

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