Parents, teachers and students fire back after plans to renovate Mardela Middle & High are pushed aside

WICOMICO CO., Md.– Parents, teachers and students in Wicomico County are firing back after county leaders decided to push aside plans to upgrade two local schools.

An online petition has now been created in support of new and less crowded school buildings.

Last week, it was announced that county executive Bob Culver paused plans to renovate both Mardela Middle & High School.

Back in March, The Wicomico County Board of Education approved a feasibility study option that would allow for the current building to be updated, provide more space for students, and improve the quality of the current layout.

However, Culver says his decision is the result of meetings with the Board of Education that pushed for a different plan which includes a universal Pre-K and teacher pay raises.

Meanwhile many on that petition page say they feel “cheated” because they say they were promised renovations as soon as the buildings became crowded and outdated.

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