More dogs seized from Linda Brown ahead of probation violation hearing

SOMERSET CO., Md. – A woman who’s been convicted of animal cruelty and has been banned from breeding dogs appears to be back at again.

Linda Brown is already facing a violation of probation for various things and now police are saying five dogs were seized from her property last week.  Last summer, over 40 German Shepherds were seized from her old property, Jolindy’s German Shepherds in Somerset County.

Those dogs were found to be in inhumane conditions and, for her crimes, Brown was court ordered that she was not allowed to have more than four fixed dogs and could not breed again. 47 ABC has now learned Brown reportedly moved to Worcester County. After receiving a tip, authorities found five adult dogs and four puppies in “terrible living conditions”.

“They are now in Somerset County Dog Control’s care and custody,” according to Sheriff Ronnie Howard with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. “We had information from dog control that they had received the information, who they received it from we are not sure, that she had puppies.”

Although Brown lives in Worcester County now, Somerset County Sheriff’s were tipped off last week because they’re in charge of her probation compliance.

“She was only allowed to have no more than four dogs and they must be spayed or neutered. And there were one male at the scene and the four puppies and some female dogs as well,” says Sheriff Howard.

According to Sheriff Howard, what they saw at her property appeared to be a violation.

“The deputy from the Sheriff’s office here accompanied dog control and recovered 4 puppies that she was not allowed to have plus the mother of the puppies also.”

Sheriff Howard adds that the apparent violations could lead to more problems in court for Brown, who is set to appear before a judge on May 31st.

“The State’s Attorney is trying to incorporate this latest involvement in with the ongoing case that’s going to be held.”

If the charges stick, and it turns out Brown was breeding dogs again, it shouldn’t come as surprise. Since she told our 47 ABC crews, after her last court case, that she’d be back.

“I’ll move,” Linda Brown told 47 ABC in December of 2018.

The four puppies and one adult dog are now in the custody of Somerset County Dog Control. We also reached out to Linda Brown on Thursday but were not able to get in touch with her.

Brown is set to appear in Somerset County District Court on Friday for a hearing on her first violation of probation. According to records, that violation was because Brown had no proof of rabies vaccines, didn’t register her dogs and had more than four dogs, among other charges.

The recent news sent shock waves through Delmarva as locals took to social media to react.

Saying things like, “This should be an interesting hearing.. she obviously is not going to change and hopefully the judge acts accordingly.”

And, “This is what’s happening because all these people are getting is a tap on the wrist!”

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