Maryland’s historic new Speaker gets shore support

Annapolis, MD – History was made in Maryland on May 1, 2019. For the first time ever, an African American and a woman is the speaker of the house.  Adrienne Jones is the 107th person to hold that position and when delegates gathered Wednesday morning, she wasn’t even being considered.

“It gives me that sense of hope and that sense of pride that has always resonated within me but it just elevated it to another level,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes, (D) District 37. “I’ve always had the mindset that things are possible if you believe.”

Reaching the historic decision wasn’t always easy for Democrats. On Wednesday morning their caucus reached a stalemate, and was divided between Del. Dereck Davis and Del. Maggie McIntosh.

Later in the day, after it was apparent that Republicans were prepared to vote in a bloc for Del. Davis, the Democrats moved ahead unanimously for Del. Adrienne Jones.

“I think as a unified Group the Republicans represent a set of values and ideas and by us staying together and using our votes as a collective group we definitely had a voice by doing that,” said Del. Johnny Mautz, (R) District 37B.

“If we had gone to the floor we would’ve had the votes for Del. Davis because the parties on the floor and the votes were there to support him.” said Del. Sample-Hughes. “But the Democratic Party thought that it was necessary to get behind one candidate unanimously and so here we are today.”

That unanimous vote was made possible by Republicans and Eastern Shore Representatives who say that Jones has a history of helping our area.

“If you look around the lower shore and see improvements in downtown Salisbury, you see Purdue stadium in Salisbury University, and the numerous projects in Delmar, anywhere in Crisfield, all over the place, she had a part to play in that and working with all of us,” said Del. Carl Anderton, (R) District 38B.

Speaker Jones is replacing the former Speaker Michael Busch who passed away on April 7th. Many say that Jones would’ve had the support of her predecessor who would’ve been happy to see both parties come together on the floor for Wednesday’s historic vote.

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