Local non-profits help improve access to healthcare

MILLSBORO, Del. – People in Millsboro finally found some relief on Friday after they discovered that organizations like CHEER and La Red partnered up to provide better health care services in the area.

“It’s certainly needed here because the wait list is unbelievable down here,” said Wayne Hambleton, a Georgetown resident.

Together La Red and CHEER will be able to use and house new equipment that will allow them to see more patients, and Brian Olson with La Red agrees with neighbors saying this collaboration is needed now more than ever.

“Certainly we continue to hear the need, we continue to hear the access problems that people are having getting into private practices, long waits or patients, our providers not accepting certain insurances or moving towards other forms of care delivery,” said La Red Health Center CEO Brian Olson.

Leaders like U.S. Senator Tom Carper believe this will help solve huge healthcare challenges in the state.

“The challenge here, providing healthcare for everybody is too great for the just the federal government, just the state, just the county,” said Carper.

“This is the way we’re actually able to meet this challenge is through partnerships,” said Carper.

That is why things like this new exam room and more equipment play a significant role in providing better healthcare services.

“We have in this community and in Sussex County in general a very aging community,” said Representative Ruth Briggs King.

“We have one of the highest retirement numbers in the United States percentage wise and with that comes needs where there might not be good infrastructure,” said King.

Locals said they are just excited to finally get the medical attention they have needed.

“I mean they’re covering everything, and the partnership with what’s here and connected it’s really terrific, and there is a lot of people involved,” said Hambleton.

The two organizations first partnered up in Ocean View and now they’re looking to team up in Milton and Greenwood. Members of La Red say these areas in Sussex County were selected because of their big needs for healthcare services.

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