Improvements could be coming to Eastern Shore Drive in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. –¬†Salisbury city leaders are looking at making some improvements to Eastern Shore Drive.

Currently, the road has five lanes and city leaders feel that not enough people use the road to justify that amount of asphalt.

As a result, the city has created a task force to look at ways they can create more green space in the area.

Right now, we’re told the city’s desire is to transform Eastern Shore Drive into a distinctive street serving the surrounding neighborhoods. They hope the street will become a model for walkability, biking and rainwater management.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, “So this is a really significant project and we want to no doubt make it safer, make it more environmentally friendly, and make it a better route in Salisbury and more of an asset to all the properties that face Eastern Shore Drive. This is going to add value to their neighborhood and add value to their property value.”

All of this is still in the very early stages, we’re told Salisbury’s residents should not expect to see any work done on the road for the next year or two.

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