Food bank officials warn SNAP benefits at risk once again

SALISBURY, Md. – Food bank officials in Maryland are warning residents that their SNAP benefits are at risk again. Just months after Congress and the Administration debated and reauthorized SNAP through the farm bill, the administration is now proposing new regulations that would eliminate snap benefits for more than 750,000 people. Federal law requires states to limit SNAP eligibility to just three months out of every three years for able-bodied adults without dependents. Unless they can document 20 hours of work a week. But now, the USDA is looking to change that and is proposing harsher limits that would limit a states’ ability to waive limits in areas, where there aren’t a lot of jobs.

“They need to be able to be assured that however they’re able to access that food, whether its through Maryland Food Bank whether it’s through benefits such as snap, that they don’t have to go to bed hungry at night,” said Regional Programs Eastern Shore Director, Jennifer Small.

Food bank officials say this proposal, would cut SNAP benefits on a ten-year basis by $15 billion. They also say that any alterations made to the SNAP program would increase demand on organizations like the Maryland Food Bank. Where they say they’re already stretched thin to help those in need.

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