Delaware expanding broadband in rural counties

DOVER, Del. – In Delaware, every resident will soon have access to high speed internet. It’s been years in the making and on Thursday a plan is officially in place to bring broadband services throughout Kent and Sussex County.

“This is a significant step forward in Delaware in terms of broadband technology and getting it out there to the masses,” explains Kent County Administrator Michael Petit de Mange.

Finally residents that haven’t had the access or means to pay for it, will be able to get it in their homes.

“We have a number of citizens that have to rely on internet at other locations than home for things like school work to business to general living,” adds Petit de Mange.

Families, businesses and the nearly 2,000 farms in Kent and Sussex Counties that are desperate for the technology the rest of the citizens have access to.

Delaware Dept. of Agriculture Sec. Michael Scuse says, “We need high speed broadband so that our farmers can take use of the technology that they’ve invested in many cases tens and thousands of dollars for.”

It’s an agreement that also includes discounts up to 50 percent off for those who are financially strapped.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn explains, “We need to make sure that it wasn’t just available to the higher tier incomes of families, it was something that should be available to all families and all households.”

That’s why many are excited to see this years-long effort finally gain momentum. It’s a plan that’s finally set in motion to eliminate the broadband deserts across the state.

“Actually starting to move forward with a project plan is very exciting. It’s good for families, it’s good for businesses, it’s good for the agriculture community in Delaware,” adds Pettyjohn.

Local internet provider, Bloosurf, will design, build, operate and commercialize a wireless network that will cover essentially every community in Kent and Sussex Counties.

They’re hoping every person will have access to the high speed internet by 2021.

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