Del. House passes legislation that would ban plastic bags

Delaware House lawmakers have passed a bill that would crack down on the use of plastic bags in the state. House Bill 130 passed in the Del. House of Representatives.

The bill will prohibit retailers in Delaware from providing single-use carryout plastic bags to customers. The hope is to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the state by banning them from large chain stores with many locations.

It’s a piece of legislation that had a handful of lawmakers including Representative Ruth Briggs King torn on their vote.

“I’m part of Keeping Delaware Beautiful and the litter campaign and I want to do that to prevent, but on the other hand I don’t want to place a undue burden on businesses that have such a small profit margin to begin with. And one that sets up big business again small business. I think we can come up with a better solution I’m not sure this is it,” explains Rep. Briggs King.

Now if the Senate passes the bill, places that require plastic bags for certain products like restaurants, pets stores and laundromats would be excluded from this ban.

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