Decision on RV parks stalls out

CRISFIELD, Md. – The decision whether to make Crisfield an RV hotspot has been put on hold for now.

The city council decided to table the decision on a zoning change that would’ve allowed RV parks in zones designated “TM,” or Tourist Marine.

This comes after calls were made not to rush to a decision.

Those who favor a zoning change to allow RV parks, like City Manager Rick Pollitt, say it would draw more visitors.

“Being the tourism location that it is, right on the Chesapeake Bay, we feel is a prime destination for folks in the RV community,” said Pollitt.

Pollitt adds this change could mean more tax revenue for the City of Crisfield. But many residents tell me it’s not a wise decision to put these RV parking lots along the city’s coastline.

“That view down there on Seven Acres sometime is going to be far more valuable than just the property taxes paid on a piece of property that somebody parks their RV on,” former mayor Kim Lawson said in front of a packed crowd at city hall.

Though city hall was packed with ‘Say No To RV Parks’ buttons, some residents say it would be a wise investment.

“They’re going to buy the local foods, they’re going to buy the local gas, they’re going to buy the local propane, and those are the types of things that we need to help sustain what we have here,” said Derryk Walterman, commander of American Legion 16 in Crisfield.

One Crisfield resident pointed to other areas who have RV parks, as an example of what the Crab Capital could see.

“Long Neck is one example, Massey’s Landing, which has become an RV park. It’s a destination place,” said Andy Brice.

Those in favor of the RV park say it would bring jobs since parks need electricians, plumbers and more.

We are told there will be a workshop on this in the near future, and it could be held as early as next Wednesday.

There is no set date yet as to when the council will vote on rezoning to allow RV parks, but it could be held as soon as May 22.

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