Crab company reacts to Dept. of Homeland Security’s finalization of H-2B visa increase

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they will officially be releasing 30,000 additional H-2B visas for the summer season of Fiscal Year 2019.

Congressman Andy Harris spearheaded the effort to secure the extra visas.

While crab companies tell us they’re grateful for the additional visas, they say more needs to be done.

Jack Brooks, a partner at J. M. Clayton Co. said, “Congress needs to deal with these things so we can have some kind of certainty with our future. Right now, we don’t know year to year whether or not we’re going to be in business or not with the uncertainty of the visa availability.”

Crab companies tell us they feel the Department of Homeland Security should have given out at least 60,000 visas instead of 30,000.

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