Berlin man indicted on 65 counts of child sex offenses, community reacts

BERLIN, Md. – In a quiet neighborhood in Berlin, lies a house where investigators say the unthinkable happened. Officials say in that home, 60-year-old Keith Mariani allegedly raped a young girl that was a member of the household several times and filmed it. All of this going on while his neighbors had no clue.

“I mean nothing really shocks me anymore in the news it’s just when it’s right there at home it’s kind of an uneasy feeling,” said one neighbor, Rick Nicholson.

According to Worcester County States Attorney Kris Heiser, Mariani has been indicted on a total of 65 charges that are alleged to have taken place between November 1st of 2017 and February 8th of 2019.

“Two counts of sex abuse of a minor. Each are felonies carrying 25 years maximum. Two counts of second-degree rape which is also a felony carrying 15 years without parole or up to life,” she said.

Mariani is currently being held without bond at the Worcester County Detention Center, and neighbors say they’re hoping those affected will get the justice they deserve.

“Like I said I got grand-kids I mean there’s really nothing that I can do about it but I hope they bury him,” said Nicholson.

47 ABC did reach out to Mariani’s attorney for a comment, but she was not available. Officials say a motions date is currently scheduled for Mariani for July 2nd, and a trial is set to start on August 7th.

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