What is the Pink Moon?

There is only one full moon this month; and the one for April is commonly referred as the Pink Moon.

The Pink Moon is due to the Wild Ground Phlox, which are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. These flowers when they blossom, they tend to be widespread over the ground like a pink blanket. They are native to North America and typically bloom during April´s full moon. Unfortunately, for astronomy lovers, the moon does not turn pink.

The April’s full moon however also has other names associated with the Easter holiday. One of the names is the Paschal Moon, which is used in the Christian calendar to calculate the date for Easter, which happens just after the full moon. The other Easter moon names are the Hare Moon & Egg Moon, likely due to the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs.

The full moon peaks tonight and the forecast shows for increasing clouds with mild temperatures in the low 60s. If you plan to see it in its entirety, its recommended to see it early in the evening; before the clouds increase and thicken overnight.

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