UMES to offer special program for pharmacy students after new building is completed

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – After the University of Maryland’s Eastern shore announced that they’d be getting a new pharmacy building, school officials say they’ll be unveiling a new program to help bring more health professionals to the area. Earlier Tuesday, officials we spoke with tell us once the building is complete, they’ll be offering a special program for students who attend junior colleges across the state of Maryland to help them finish pharmacy school sooner.
It’s called a 2 +3 program where students can spend two years at their junior college. Then,  if their GPA is around a 3.5 or higher, they’ll be able to transfer into the pharmacy program and finish their pharmacy degree in five years instead of eight.

“All the counties in the Delmarva area are designated as a medically underserved area or a health professional shortage area so we’ll be having the opportunity to be able to train more health care practitioners. We’re excited about the fact that we’ve reached out to a lot of our state institutions and they’ve been very receptive ,” said UMES acting provost Dr. Rondall Allen.

Dr. Allen adds that the $90 million construction project for the new pharmacy school should be completed by 2021.

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