Sixty Foot Road set to open April 11th

PITTSVILLE, Md. – On Thursday, 47 ABC got some good news for those of you who use Sixty Foot Road. The Maryland State Highway Administration says that the area will be open next Thursday, April 11th, which means that all the lane closures and the construction along Route 50 will be done.

Highway officials say that they only need to sync up new traffic lights to put a bow on the year-long project.

“The main reason was all these uncontrolled crossings and all these uncontrolled conflict points and what the signals have been able to do is they will relieve those conflict points, everyone will be stopped and we’ll go when they’re told instead of when they think there’s a gap,” explains Brett Deane, SHA District Engineer.

And to everyone’s surprise even though this was a long project, it’s actually finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

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