Salisbury city council holds ‘coffee with your council meeting’, discusses concerns in community

SALISBURY, Md. – City council members and residents in the area grabbed a cup of joe to sit down and discuss important matters in the area. Known as the ‘Coffee with your Council’ event, tesidents came out this evening to speak with elected officials and talk about ideas and concerns that they’ve seen within their community. Issues that were discussed included safety concerns and how residents would like an increase in police presence throughout the day and night.
Topics also included ways to provide better and more affordable housing for people as well. People who attended the discussion tell 47 meetings like these are critical to create a platform where each and every person’s voice can be heard.

“I think the strength of our county and city governments is in our people and in our relationships that we have with each other. So the opportunity to express concerns, to share good things that are happening to be heard, to hear one another to share ideas, it’s a valuable thing,” said Martin Hutchison.

City officials add that they’ll continue to hold these meetings quarterly for the public to attend.

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