Residents head to the polls top vote on Capital School District’s Referendum

DOVER, Del. – On Tuesday, a steady stream of voters made their way to various polling locations throughout the Capital School District to decide the fate of a referendum.

Superintendent Dan Shelton said, “This referendum is completely based on the Strategic Plan and the Facility Master Plan which was vetted through multiple community meetings, lots of input, and we made variations and changes along the way in order to meet what our community was looking for.”

The Capital School District’s referendum has three parts that people could vote on. First, the district proposed adding two new middle schools for grades six through eight.

Superintendent Shelton said, “Our community recognizes that middle schools was the area we needed to focus on. Every public meeting we’ve had they have talked about you need to look at the middle schools you need to do something with the middle schools, the middle schools need to be different.”

Second, the school district proposed adding necessary upgrades for the new middle schools and renovations to Central Elementary.

Finally, people could vote on whether or not the school district should increase their operating rate.

Superintendent Shelton said, “We have the second oldest operating rate in the state, and we have the lowest operating rate in the state. What that means is we’re investing the least amount into our students than any other community in the state of Delaware its time to change that.”

If the referendum is passed, that would mean a $4 increase in taxes for the average resident in the Capitol School District in the first year, and about a $5 increase in the second year.

Some locals we spoke to on Tuesday said, they don’t mind paying more because they think it’s worth it.

Dona Walters, a Dover resident said, “It’s pennies really for children. It’s very much worth it.”

Al Tonnell, another Dover resident said, “It’s very important to invest in education and building them up and helping them throughout their school year.”

But some people said they don’t want to have to pay more money each month for the school district, so they are not in favor of the referendum.

Polls closed at 8PM Tuesday night.

We will update this article when results come in.

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