Renowned Psychologist Dr. Alexis Moreno discusses mental health as it relates to opioid addiction

DELMARVA– Mental health and wellness is a topic that is popping up more and more nowadays in conversation as many people strive to break the stigma.

Dr. Alexis Moreno is a consulting psychologist and is no stranger to the media realm. Dr. Moreno currently hosts her own radio show in Washington DC radio show called  “Wit and Reason with Dr. Alexis” as well as guest speaking and being involved with various media organizations.

On Good Morning Delmarva, we dove into the opioid crisis and the rising issue of addiction. Dr. Moreno says that many times there is a stigma that comes with opioid use, where some see it as being more acceptable if in a tablet form. Regardless of the reason for starting, whether prescribed or personal choice, tolerance can build up and that is when addiction takes hold.

Nowadays, doctors are being held more accountable when prescribing medication containing opioids. Dr. Moreno says that doctors should make sure to do the appropriate screenings and make sure a patient doesn’t have a history of substance abuse before prescribing these strong medications.  She also says that as research progresses, scientists are discovering that addiction has a lot to do with our brain biology and can happen to anyone based on genetics and a person’s environment.

Dr. Alex Moreno was recently awarded the 2019 Woman of Vision award from the Somerset Wellness Center in Princess Anne. For more information on her or to check out her show, log on to


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