Organization still in search of volunteers for Peace 1 Day

SALISBURY, Md. –  Sunday will be a big day for volunteering in the three lower eastern shore counties in Maryland, it’s the second annual Peace 1 Day.

Last year, over 850 volunteers came out for the inaugural event. This year we’re told there are over 1,000 volunteers ready to go, helping out at 28 different locations across Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties.

The goal of the event is to bring everyone together who wants to help out in the community for one day of volunteering, helping with planting gardens, painting rooms at homeless shelters, and writing inspirational messages for educators.

“We’re doing different thing such as doing landscaping, and cleanups in certain neighborhoods, to help them prepare fundraising materials, to even creating cards and sewing pillows right here on our campus,” said the Peace 1 Day director, Heather Smith.

Oak Ridge Baptist Church is still looking for volunteers, you can sign up here.

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