New IDs now required for all medical marijuana patients


SALISBURY, Md. –¬†Starting April 1st, all medical marijuana patients in Maryland will have to have a new ID in order to get any products.

Back in January the Maryland Cannabis Commission required all new patients to get the new ID, but as of April 1 existing patients need one too.

It’s an identification card similar to a driver’s license. Without it patients won’t be able to go to dispensaries and buy products.

“The card gives you the privilege to possess and have cannabis on you as a patient in Maryland. So it makes it really easy for law enforcement to identify and it kind of takes away some of the mystique and it allows folks to easily identify themselves,” explains Anthony Darby, CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health.

The card costs $50 and is valid for three years and you get it through the Maryland Marijuana Commission’s website, but just like a license it does take six to eight weeks to actually get the card.

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