New fishing and boating pier gives Little Creek a fresh start


LITTLE CREEK, Del. – A small town along the Delaware Bay will soon be a brand new hub for visitors and locals to go fishing, take out their boats and more.

The Town of Little Creek, which is just a few minutes from the state’s capitol, is now the home to a public boating and fishing pier.

“Now this is a opportunity for us to explode,” explains Doug Hegman, a Little Creek resident.

Little Creek is once again becoming a destination, a place that’s opening new pathways into town so more can enjoy everything it has to offer.

Little Creek Mayor Glenn Gauvry says, “This boat ramp, this fishing pier, the ability to do recreation on the water, to do birding, to do hunting, to do fishing — all of these things are now a part of our new definition of who we are as a reinvented maritime community.”

And with a brand new fishing pier and boating ramp, Little Creek is now turning into a hot spot for redevelopment and new business.

“Once this project came about and now looking at it, it really was an easy sell so we’ve already got our whole economic zone bought.”

People like Julie McQueen, a Middletown native, who’s opening up a deli right in the heart of Little Creek.

McQueen explains, ”What I’m really excited about is to get started here and bring a lot of that vibrancy that I grew up with and that growth that I got to experience over here to Little Creek.”

A resurgence locals are excited for and already taking advantage of.

Hegman says, “I’m here every day, I travel back and forth, I utilize it. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

“We have right now overnight a future that we would have been hard pressed to envision say five or six years ago,” adds Gauvry.

And not only is the fishing pier and boat ramp bringing people and business to the area, but it also allowing the Little Creek Fire Department and DNREC Fish and Wildlife enforcement officers to have better access to the Delaware Bay, in case of water rescues, which can get pretty frequent in the summertime.

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