New charter school to offer free tuition in Sussex County

SEAFORD, Del. – With some patience and a little bit of elbow grease, a former farm in Sussex County will soon become a public charter school serving more than 200 students in the area. Providing children between kindergarten and third grade with prime education opportunities.

“We don’t have a lot of options here in Sussex county in terms of anything other than the school system or very expensive private education,” said one parent volunteer Jennifer Passwaters.

On Tuesday, the Sussex Montessori Charter School announced that they paid nearly $850,000 for their new home in Seaford. And after hearing about the school’s plan to offer free education parents tell us they immediately jumped on board.

“We really were interested in something that was free because it’s already a lot to just make ends meet day to day,” said Passwaters.

According to officials the charter school will offer a unique teaching opportunity for students. Allowing each and every child to work at their own pace.

“It really gives them that self paced individualized curricular room and instruction to help them be successful,” said community engagement outreach specialist Kaneisha Trott.

While the school still has a ways to go before it’s completed, parents say they’re ready to enroll their children as soon as possible.

“When you just sit and talk with the people on the board you just get the impression that they really know what they’re doing this is in their first rodeo and that really instills a lot of confidence in me,” Passwaters said.

And officials say they’re confident that the new charter school will provide children with the critical skills they need.

“Different kids learn different ways, different styles work for different families but I think Montessori works for all children,” said founding board member Sean Steward.

Officials say they’re still trying to get the word out about the new charter school coming to the area. They’re holding a public information session for parents to attend on Monday– April 15th– at the Laurel Public Library at 5PM.

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