Lawmakers turn down stricter special events zone in OC


OCEAN CITY, Md. – A couple times every year, Ocean City streets are flooded with visitors just trying to show off their cars. But these events have proven to be a challenge for the resort town, which is why they’ve tried for stricter penalties.

Unfortunately, their latest attempt didn’t get the green light they were hoping for.

“It’s disappointing. We still feel that the safety of residents and visitors is in jeopardy by some of this behavior, but we do have the legislation that passed last year and we will continue to make the best of what we have,” explains Jessica Waters, Ocean City PIO.

The town of Ocean City was hoping to up the fines for traffic violations from $50 to $1000 during special events, but that just didn’t make the cut this year.

Last year, Ocean City got the go ahead to roll out a new special events zone, added enforcement that proved to be useful for police but it didn’t stop some people from doing things like donuts, drag racing, and more.

And although the city is disappointed the added restrictions didn’t get approved this time, locals we spoke to Tuesday didn’t have the same reaction.

Long time Ocean City resident Tiffany Townsend says, “I am extremely glad it did not pass, extremely. Being a local I have been pulled over going three miles over in a special event zone, so I mean they get a little ridiculous with it.”

“The more you put things that are not supposed to be done the more more kids are going to want to do it especially the H2Oi kids,” explains Alec Wendler, an Ocean City resident.

So not everyone seemed to be on board, but this won’t stop ocean city from continuing to push for more tools to use during these car events.

“So we do feel disappointed that it didn’t pass this year, but we’re still hopeful for the future,” says Waters.

Now the Ocean City special events task force is continuing to meet in hopes of finding new solutions to handle these events with their next meeting happening May 1st at 1 p.m. at City Hall.

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