It will cost a little more to ride the tram in Ocean City this summer

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Ocean City mayor and council recently voted to increase the cost of tram rides. The fare will now cost $4 instead of $3.

Resort officials tell us they had to increase the cost in order to pay for the new trams that are going to be put into use starting Memorial Day weekend. Many of Ocean City’s residents and visitors say they don’t want to have to pay more to ride the tram and they believe this increase will be hard on the older population.

Dick Snyder, an Ocean City visitor said, “I think a lot of people it’s going to hurt. I think older people that are on a fixed income I think are going to have a difficult time. It’s not the only thing that price is going up on.”

Diane Buettner, a local said, “The tram is something that not only locals enjoy, but everybody out of state enjoys and if you can ride from one end to the other for three dollars, I don’t understand why they’re increasing it to four.”

Regardless of opinion, the new tram fare will take effect on Memorial Day weekend.


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