Hundreds of people participate in second annual Peace 1 Day

SALISBURY, Md. – Hundreds of people volunteered in areas across the Lower Eastern Shore on Sunday as part of the annual Peace 1 Day.

The event hosted by the Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury allowed volunteers to help out at 28 different locations across Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties.

According to the Peace 1 Day Director, one of the main spots that needed extra volunteers on Sunday was the Salisbury Zoo.

At the Salisbury Zoo volunteers did things like mulch and clean up leaves, work that members of the zoo say would have taken them months to complete on their own.

“The folks from Oak Ridge coming out a hundred set of hands versus we typically have a single groundskeeper,” said¬†Leonora Dillon, the Salisbury Zoo education curator.

“They can knock out stuff in three hours our guys months to do,” said Dillon.

Members of the Oak Ridge Baptist Church said volunteers also helped out by planting gardens in the area. Organizations like HALO and Wicomico grows Kindness also benefited from Sunday’s big event.

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