Greater Lewes Foundation meets to address pressing issues

LEWES, Del. – On Saturday, two issues were discussed by the Greater Lewes Foundation at their annual meeting. Open land conservation and congestion on the roadways.

The non-profit that has been responsible for purchasing land for the Canal Front Park and the Lewes Library. Now, the organization is looking for donations to buy up lots of open land in the city to help address the concerns of residents.

The Lewes area has seen plenty of rapid growth in recent years, partially due to de-funding for two government programs, farmland preservation and open space, which have since seen funding restored.

Between those programs and this initiative from GLF, we’re told residents should soon start seeing the effects.

“What we are seeing is that it takes a while to actually stop the leak. We’ve already started the momentum of sales of open space and farmland preservation. What we will see is a slowing of that. But what’s done is done,” said Rep. Steve Smyk, Republican serving the 20th district.

Joe Stewart, Greater Lewes Foundation Chariman, says he hopes that by addressing the open space issue, it can help to answer the congestion issues.

“Every acre that you keep out of development keeps cars off the road.”

Smyk says there is no one simple answer for the increase of traffic, but it’s imperative that there’s a plan in place.

“As we develop, those plans are going to need to be molded to fit the future challenges.”

The Greater Lewes Foundation is a local non-profit who is looking for donations to fund the purchase of open land for preservation. The organization was Founded in 2000 with the mission to improve and enhance quality of life in Lewes.

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