EF-2 tornado tears through Laurel

LAUREL, Del. – An EF2 tornado ripped through Laurel early Monday morning, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Some of the worst damage occurred on Seaford Road and Fire Tower Road. Roofs were torn off houses and countless trees were knocked down by the tornado, and some of those trees were knocked right into houses.

“It was right before I got off my bed the roof fell and it fell on my back and I couldn’t move,” said Georgia O’Neal, who is feeling lucky to be alive after an EF2 tornado caused a tree to crash into her bedroom, trapping her.

“I was actually trapped there for about 30 or 35 minutes and then a state trooper came and my step dad tried to literally pick it up as much as he could and I was just able to slide out just enough to get out,” she said.

Georgia’s house on Seaford Road was completely destroyed by the tornado, but she says she is just happy she and her family got out alive.

O’Neal said, “These things can all be replaced but obviously people can’t so just thankful that we all made it out okay.”

Just down the street from Georgia, there was a mess of downed power lines and more fallen trees.

Scott Phillips, a resident said, “We have roof damage here obviously, the tree down, we have a lot of trees all over the whole yard now.”

The people living on Seaford Road were left with no power and therefore, no water.

Phillips said, “We have no water and electricity yeah because we are on well water.”

This was common throughout the town of Laurel and beyond. All of the damage, caused in the matter of minutes.

Hunter Outten, a storm chaser said, “This is the full wrath of what Mother Nature can do.”

Utility crews and power companies were on hand Monday, trying to repair and restore what was damaged.

According to county officials, there were no fatalities and only one minor injury, something residents are grateful for.

Mason Donohoe, another resident said, “We’re just grateful that there was no other damage no more damage and nobody killed in all this mess so were grateful.”

An EF 2 tornado means that winds were blowing at 111 to 135 miles per hour.

We’re told the damage from this tornado may have stretched out as far as 10 miles.

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