Dozens gather to celebrate Denim Day in Dover

DOVER, Del. – On Wednesday, people all over the country broke out their favorite pair of jeans in honor of Denim Day, a movement created in an effort to protest against the victim shaming of sexual assault survivors.

The day was created back in the late 1990’s after a judge blamed a woman’s rape on the fact that she was wearing ‘tight jeans’.

That verdict enraged people all over the world and people have been putting on their jeans in retaliation ever since.

On Wednesday, people gathered at the Legislative Mall in Dover and walked down to Silver Lake and back in their denim to make a statement and raise awareness.

Karen McGloughlin, with the Office of Women’s Health said, “We’re trying to make sure that the assault never happens in the first place and the way to do that is to educate people on healthy relationships and boundaries and conversation.”

There was a good turnout for denim day this year in Dover, but we’re told next year, they’re hoping to see everyone in the city wearing some form of denim on this day.

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