Do you know how to handle your medications?

DELMARVA–  Do you know how to manage medicine in your cabinet? Well experts say you shouldn’t really keep those medications in your bathroom “medicine cabinet.”

47 ABC’s Erica Murphy was joined by Tisha Donovan from Peninsula Home Care to discuss how to properly handle and dispose your used medications.

Instead of the bathroom, Donovan says that you should store your medications in a kitchen cabinet, away from a stove, and away from any humidity. Humidity can cause them to breakdown and become less effective.

You should also look at your medications on a regular basis to check the expiration dates and signs of decay. It is not advised that you save leftovers.

When it comes to disposal, Donovan says that you should not flush medication down the toilet. This is because the FDA has found that pharmaceutical waste showing up in sewage and water and there are currently no treatment plants that can filter them out.

Instead, you can take a plastic jug, fill it with a liquid along with some sort of dry substance such as coffee grounds, salt or cat litter so it dissolves.

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