Delaware legislators introduce bill to help keep the state in Daylight Savings Time

DOVER, Del. – A new bill has been introduced in the state of Delaware that would help get rid of the Fall Fall Back time change.

The bill was introduced to the Senate earlier this week and if passed would make Delaware one step closer to spending the whole year in Daylight Savings Time, which it currently does for 8 month out of the year already.

We’re told many people feel there is no longer a need for the change every fall. In fact, we’re told the time change is hard on people like farmers who have livestock because they say the animals have a difficult time adjusting to the different feeding schedules.

Additionally, we’re told scientific reports have suggested that the time change is actually hard on our bodies.

We’re told this act, if passed, would not automatically exclude Delaware from the Fall Fall Back change, other states would have to pass similar acts first.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn (R) District 19 said, “One of the provisions of this act would be that the states surrounding us pass a similar act so that Delaware isn’t just a small island onto its self on Atlantic time”

If other states pass similar acts, those states would then have to petition the US Department of Commerce to place them in another time zone.

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