Delaware gets one step closer to making a rescue dog the “State Dog”

DOVER, Del. – A bill that would make Delaware’s “State Dog” a rescue dog unanimously passed through the House.

Representative Bryan Shupe (R) introduced the bill back in February. He says he and his wife both love shelter dogs. In fact, they have rescue dogs of their own. So he was inspired to create this bill to raise awareness about the value of these often overlooked furry friends.

Typically, Representative Shupe says the State’s Dog is a breed. For example, last year it was a golden retriever. But he says there are thousands of shelter dogs in the state of Delaware who need forever homes.

The representative hopes this bill will encourage more people to adopt from shelters.

Rep. Shupe(R) District 36 said, “I hope that it will bring a lot of awareness to people in the state of Delaware but also surrounding states that these are animals that really don’t have a voice and they need someone to help them find forever homes.”

Since the bill has passed through the house, it now goes to the senate.

If it gets approved it will go to the Governor’s office.

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