Cambridge eyes major property tax increase for 2020 budget, homeowners concerned

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – As Cambridge council members work around the clock to create a 2020 budget everyone can agree on, they’re eyeing an increase in property taxes that has homeowners concerned.

“We have a good amount of property in this area and it will affect us dramatically, “said Cambridge resident Branden Spear.

Cambridge city officials have some critical decisions to make as they decide who gets what funding for the 2020 fiscal year budget.

“We’ve been having these sessions as you can imagine for months now and we been trying to figure out how to make ends meet,” said city manager Patrick Comiskey.

Officials say the city is facing a number of challenges that they have to find funding for including capital improvement projects and staffing for their police department.

“Their pay rates for the younger guys who are police officers is lower than A lot of the neighboring communities and so we’ve been losing officers,” said Comiskey.

In order to meet funding requirements city officials say they have to make some changes. Proposing a property tax increase of nearly 13%.

“Do we need to raise our taxes? Where is it going. Show us where you want to effectively put our money,” said resident Mary Trevors.

Comiskey tells 47 that the increase, isn’t set in stone, and the council is currently working to bring down the percentage. But some residents say the increase is unfair and way too high compared to surrounding areas.

“I think Cambridge pays enough in property tax compared to Easton we’ve paid for Greater tax than Eastern does and Easton has a lot more to offer,” Spear said.

And while the budget is still far from completion, residents hope their elected officials will make the best decision possible.

“This town has a lot of money, it has a lot of income coming in,s we have a pretty decent town and we’re growing,” Trevors said.

City officials say that residents will have a chance to voice their opinions over the property tax increase next Thursday at the City Commission meeting room. They add that if you would like to learn more about the proposed 2020 fiscal year budget, you can head to the city hall office to get a copy.


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