Two arrested on disorderly conduct charges following traffic stop

SALISBURY, Md. – Two people were arrested Sunday evening after a traffic stop turned into a disorderly conduct incident.

At around 6:15 p.m., a deputy stopped a vehicle in the 700 block of West Road in Salisbury for an equipment violation. After stopping, the driver, identified as 25-year-old Kenneth Bryant, reportedly jumped out of his vehicle and began yelling profanities at the deputy. As the deputy approached Bryant, a strong odor of marijuana was detected coming from Bryant and from within his vehicle.

Bryant was instructed to return to his car, however, he refused to do so.

As this was occurring, a second subject, identified as Keiania Baines, exited a nearby residence and approached the deputy, joining in on Bryant’s profanity laced rant. The deputy then attempted to place Bryant under arrest, but he tried to twist and pull away from the deputy. Baines then reportedly took Bryant’s keys and locked his vehicle while the deputy worked to place Bryant into handcuffs.

The deputy told Baines that she was now also under arrest, but instead Baines ran into the residence she came out of and locked the door. Baines finally came out of the residence several minutes later and a struggle ensued while the deputy tried to place her in handcuffs. She was eventually apprehended.

It was also learned that Bryant’s drivers license had been suspended.

Both Bryant and Baines were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, obstruct and hinder, resist arrest, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order. Bryant was also charged with driving while suspended. Both were later released on personal recognizance.

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