Time is running out for Punkin Chunkin to host in Sussex County

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – They took a pause, they battled a lawsuit and now Punkin Chunkin is ready to return. But is Sussex County ready for it?

“If it can’t be a Delaware event, we would love for it to be a Delmarva event. If it can’t be a Delmarva event we want to see it continue as an American tradition,” exlcaims Frank Payton, President of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Assoc.

Punkin Chunkin, a Sussex County tradition that’s dates back to the 1980s, wants to return to where it all began and residents are on board.

One resident tells 47 ABC, “I think a lot of people would like it back I’ve never been there but I think they would like it back.”

“I still think it’s a great thing. I think it’s sort of like our caroling on the circle or the Return Day. I think all of that is just for us and it’s just something that most of the people that have lived around here for a long time have enjoyed,” explains Amy Wheeler, another resident.

It’s an event that’s had to take a two year hiatus, after a producer with the Science Channel was nearly killed when a Punkin Chunkin launcher malfunctioned. A tragic accident that led to a lawsuit that has finally been settled.

But in order to bring this fan-favorite event back to Delaware, they need a commitment from the community.

“We need 600 acres of clear land or anything less than 600 acres, please feel free to come forward and we can be creative.”

But they tell us if that doesn’t happen by May 1st, then Punkin Chunkin will have to move elsewhere.

Layton adds, “Once may 1st hits we need to start thinking outside of the box in terms of how are we going to make this happen in 2019 and one of our options is we will look at the other sanctioned events and the other Punkin Chunkin events that happen throughout the country.”

If anyone has interest in helping Punkin Chunkin out so they can continue having it in Sussex County or even on Delmarva, you’re asked to email organizers at info@punkinchunkin.com.


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