Taking a look at the results of the Sussex Comprehensive Plan Survey

SUSSEX CO., Del. –  The results of the Sussex County Comprehensive Plan Survey are in. Over 400 Sussex County residents identified what issues they want county leaders to start addressing over the next two years.

Land use, conservation, open space and recreation, and transportation, these are the things Sussex County residents want to see improved over the next ten years according to a survey conducted by the Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth (SARG).

Rich Borrasso, the Co Founder of SARG said, “That’s where they felt were the most issues, the most opportunities.”

This year, those priorities loosely lined up with the priorities identified by the county.

Borrasso said, “So their top five priorities are roads, as it relates to DelDOT, economic development, open space, agricultural needs, and telecommunications and technology.”

We’re told this has left many feeling hopeful.

“Typically there has been a very reactive mode in the county. I think this is a first sign in a long time that they are looking much much further ahead,” Borrasso said.

The County is now working to develop an action plan consisting of 17 steps.

Right now we’re told the County is currently working to identify which steps they’re going to tackle first.

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