Sen. Carper meets women business owners to hear concerns and improve business climate

MILFORD, Del. – 50 years ago, a roundtable discussion with a US Senator full of women business leaders would probably not have happened.

But in today’s world, women aren’t just working hard, they’re helping to lead the way. That’s why some of the top women in the Delaware workforce were invited to share their thoughts on how the workforce can improve today with Senator Tom Carper.

Senator Carper says when the Senate is not in session, he uses this time to meet with community members to see how things are up and running. “I call it customer call to see how you’re doing in the business and how we are doing in the government and seeing what we can do to help,” Senator Carper says.

Usually these roundtables have men and women, but since it’s Women’s History Month, they wanted as many female power players as possible.

John Fleming, the District Director for Delaware Small Business Administration tells 47 ABC, “It’s the fastest growing segment in Delaware and across the country right now we have 17% women own businesses.”

Having direct access to our US Senator, this one-on-one discussion allowed these women to voice concerns.

One of the biggest issues is continuing to grow the talent in the state and getting employees prepared. Senator Carper says, “We need to do a better job, the young people come out of our skills and high schools and our colleges that are ready to get a job and get out and do good work and be a productive employee.”

Besides Senator Carper hearing the challenges and successes that these owners face, more than anything, having a roundtable like this just highlights the success these women have had. “That’s why it’s important that months like this or events like this to celebrate that and highlight that to hopefully inspire other women to go to business,” Fleming states.

Senator Carper says he will take all of these comments and concerns back to Washington and from there, he’ll try to improve the business sector in Delaware.

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