Runners spend weekend racing in memory of two locals

SALISBURY, Md. – This weekend is a big one for local runners in Salisbury. The fourth annual Rob’s Run for Kids took place on Eastern Shore Drive on Saturday.

Kids come out and can run in races if 50 or 100 yards, or a quarter or half mile tracks.

This race honors the life and memory of Rob Schultheis, who was tragically killed in October 2015 while out for a jog.

The money raised goes to a number of charities including the Rob Schultheis Memorial Foundation, which provides scholarships for kids to go to college.

“We’ve honored Tim, and now four years ago we began honoring Rob. So we have a two-day event to honor two fantastic people who make great impacts here on the eastern shore. And we love them very much, and we miss them,” said Darlin Eagle, race director for the Rob’s Run for Kids, and the Tim Kennard River Run.

The 16th annual Tim Kennard River Run takes place Sunday in Salisbury. You can still register Sunday morning in front of Maggs Gym at Salisbury University.

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