Pocomoke City unveils newest recreation department for residents

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – It’s been an absolutely gorgeous day outside, which is a perfect excuse to get outside and get active. And over in Pocomoke, residents will now have the opportunity to exercise together.  On Tuesday, the town unveiled their newest recreation department. Officials tell us this department has been in the works for some time. They say they wanted to provide residents with quality recreational opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, while also strengthening the community.

“We want to get the community back involved with Pocomoke unfortunately Pocomoke has sort of been dormant and stagnant and we need something to blow some fresh air and new breath into the citizens of Pocomoke,” said city manger Bobby Cowger.

Officials say that the department has launched their first program, the Market Street 100 Mile Challenge. Where the first 60 people to walk or run 100 miles over the next couple of months will win a market street challenge t-shirt.


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