Ocean City Police Department looks to change uniforms to save money

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Ocean City police department is looking to save some big bucks by changing up their uniforms.

The Police Department recently realized they were spending thousands of dollars on various different uniforms, so they proposed using just one uniform line to save money in the long run.

The uniforms will be all black, and the Department plans on using clothing that they already have in stock.

We’re told this change would allow the Department to spend money on other things that would help them to better serve the Ocean City community.

Ocean City’s Mayor Rick Meehan said, “It will make the uniforms a little more concise I think and it will also save the town some dollars…That would stay within the Police Department at this point and be able to be allocated for other purposes and absorb other costs so it is a cost savings to the department and eventually to the tax payers.”

The Police Department is not asking for any additional money to implement this change.

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