Ocean City Film Festival supports local filmmakers

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Dozens of filmmakers from across the Eastern Shore will be making their way to the Ocean City Film Festival this weekend to showcase their work.

“A hundred films is surprisingly a lot for a film festival, so for local filmmakers in a remote region like the lower eastern shore of Maryland this is an incredible opportunity for a unique audience,” said the Ocean City Film Festival Creative Director, BL Strang-Moya.

Local filmmakers on Delmarva said it is difficult to find the resources they need to show their work. That is why the festival means everything.

“It is easy to make a film on the Eastern Shore,” said Strang-Moya.

“You have less limitations than you would in a great metropolitan area, but when it comes to an actual community, an actual platform to show your films it’s really hard to find,” said Strang-Moya.

“A lot of the films are filmed on the fly, but the stories that they tell are really good so even without the big studio budgets, they’re conveying stories and film does that it creates dialogue and conversation,” said the Art League of Ocean City Executive Director, Rina Thaler.

Even though there are limited resources, we are told the festival is a chance for the community to support these artists who are looking to climb the ranks.

“You should support local filmmakers because that’s your neighbor, you know?,” said Trevor Taylor, a filmmaker in Salisbury.

“That’s your friend, and they’re doing something, they’re putting themselves out there, and they’re doing it all while supporting the community,” said Taylor.

Moving forward Taylor said the festival gives everyone a chance to meet new faces and find support in the community.

“I’ve met a lot of great people and learned a lot from these people and everyone works together and collaboration and making more content for next festivals to come,” said Taylor.

The Ocean City Film Festival will be wrapping up on Sunday with an awards ceremony celebrating filmmakers. Tickets for a day at the festival start at $20 dollars. For more information on the festival, click here.

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