Maryland SHA continues to work on projects despite frigid temps

MARYLAND – Bone-chilling Wednesday temperatures weren’t ideal for State Highway crews, who had to work from 8 in the morning until sunset.

Allan Myers, Construction Superintendent, Jeff Rowe says, “The wind chill just bites through you, so we dress up in layers, try to stay as warm as we can.”

Despite the bumps in the road, it’s a job that needs to be done, just like the one in Ocean City. 47 ABC spoke to SHA spokesperson, Bob Rager, who tells us, “We’re going to pave both sides of coastal highway from 26th to 9th street. We’re going to go a little bit beyond 9th street south down towards the bridge on Division Street but right now we’re concentrating 26th and 9th street.”

On Wednesday, it felt like it was in the teens. Temperatures were so cold that it even affected their work. “We got to get a milling machine out here and that’s a big machine that grinds up the old payment we can’t run that machine when it’s too cold because it runs on water and water can freeze,” Rager states.

But even though they can’t mill during cold temps, they are still doing manual labor. “It’s a lot of work that’s to be done out here and if you miss a day due to weather or rain, which we know is coming, it just furthers, it puts our job back,” Rowe tells 47 ABC.

Even if it’s too cold, that’s not stopping crews from staying on the path to completion. Rager explains, “We’re going to be a little slow here at the start but we do expect to the temperatures to warm and we expect to crank it up in the next couple of weeks.”

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