Lewes discussing possibility of convenience fee for credit cards used at meters

LEWES, Del. –  In Lewes the price may go up for those who use their credit card to pay for parking. Lewes Mayor Ted Becker says the council is eyeing the possibility of adding a convenience fee for meter transactions where a card is used. Becker says the city is expecting even more people to use their credit cards this year to pay.  But with every swipe, the city gets charged a fee from the bank and officials say it’s taking a toll on them. Which is why they’re now looking at a another way to get revenue to help offset the fees.

“This is a way to help offset some of the expenses we’re seeing as people continue to increase the amount of their desire to use a way of cashless means to pay for their parking,” said Becker

Becker adds that the city council will continue to discuss the potential convenience fee at their next budget meeting which is set for Wednesday, March 14th at 1:30 PM.

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