Interactive selfie experience coming to Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. – A new, interactive selfie experience is coming to Ocean City this summer!

The business, called Selfie Fantasy, will be located where the old Ocean City Screams Haunted House was on Worcester Street.

Inside the building, people will be able to take selfies with unique props like a giant tooth brush or a kings throne in different scenes.

Construction is currently underway, but the owners Mark and Stacey Warner along with Jason Tillman are hoping to have the business open by May of this year.

Mark Warner said, “We’re thinking everyone can pay 15 dollars per person to come in and they can spend an hour, to an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s a one way direction so we can keep the flow, but there’s so many scenes here, up to like 25, and we’re not even done designing them yet! So different opportunities to take pictures.”

The owners are planning on keeping Selfie Fantasy open during the busy summer months, and they tell us they’re considering opening it for a short time around Christmas as well.

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