Human trafficking proposed bills will help victims in Delaware


DELAWARE –  Two new bills were filed Tuesday that will support victims of human trafficking in the first state.

The bills would rebuild a victim’s life after trauma, raise public awareness, and specify the crime of prostitution.

One of the bills would prohibit the conviction of anyone younger than 18 for prostitution identifying them as victims rather than accomplices. Another bill would allow someone arrested or convicted of a crime, other than a violent felony, as a direct result of being a victim of human trafficking to pursue expungement of that record. One of the bills would also urge more public awareness signs about human trafficking to be posted at specific locations, like strip clubs.

Because local matters, 47 ABC caught up with Senator Ernesto Lopez who says this issue cuts across demographic, economic, and racial lines and that it’s a problem in Sussex County. Senator Ernesto Lopez tells us, “We’ve dealt with issues along these lines across the last several years from Rehoboth to Seaford to see pieces of legislations that start attacking this issue, and making sure we get better control, especially the educational piece, that I look forward to looking over and will be well-received by bi-partisan support.”

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