Father to donate kidney to 2-year-old daughter

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –  A young girl from Princess Anne who was born without her kidneys is finally set to receive one from her own father in just a few weeks.

2-year-old Charlotte Rice hasn’t had an ordinary life. Her days are filled with dialysis, medical appointments, medications and more.

Several months ago, Charlotte’s family learned that her dad, Wes, is a match so the family made plans to undergo a transplant surgery.

That surgery was supposed to take place a few weeks ago in March, but unfortunately, Charlotte caught a cold just days before the operation, so the surgery was postponed to April 9th.

It was a devastating blow to the family, but they started a new kidney count down calendar and are looking forward to Charlotte’s life changing surgery.

Wes Rice said, “I’m looking forward to her having a more normal life. She’s got a lot of medical intervention, she is on a lot of medications, we do dialysis every single night, it’s a lot to handle. So I’m just looking forward to just having her be a normal kid and not having to deal with as many things.”

We’re told a living kidney will likely last twice as long as a kidney from a deceased donor, so Wes says he is excited to give his daughter the best possible kidney she could have.

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