Community continues to rally behind Fruitland officer battling bone cancer

FRUITLAND, Md. -It was an emotional day for Spencer Wiersberg’s mother Gerrie as she witnessed a full day of love and support from everyone in her community. Big and small, raising money and offering words of encouragement for Spencer as he battles a rare form of bone cancer.

“He is our hero we are just so very proud of him. Just seeing the love and seeing the support online is what’s getting him through, it’s what’s getting us through. He’s a fighter, he’s just an amazing young man.

To show just how many people are rooting for Spencer, officials with Operation We Care came up with a special idea. For the next couple of weeks officers across Wicomico County will be able to sign a blue line flag. Letting him know that they’re fighting right along with him.

“It’s just a small part of what we can do to reassure him that he is going to get through this, we’re going to get through this together, and we’re going to be by his side, “said Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

“I think he knows that the whole community is behind him and hopefully this will be a constant reminder, “said Operation We Care founder Jeff Merritt.

As more people learn about Spencer’s story, the support continues to grow in the community. Thursday, students at Fruitland Primary paid to pie their teachers in the face to celebrate Pi Day. Where all proceeds raised from the event will go straight to the Wiersberg family.

“It is an honor to have worked with Mrs. Wiersberg and support the family during this trying time for Spencer. To be able to work with the youth and teaching them what it is to get back starting while they’re young so they can embrace the concept of what it is to volunteer and support families in need,” said Fruitland Primary principal, Lisa Forbush.

And the Wiersberg family says they’ll forever be grateful for the community, who’s since become their rock.

“People can look beyond the badge, can look beyond the titles, and see a kid, a person, a man, a son and really just support all of us,” said Wiersberg.

Merritt says the blue line flag that the officers have been able to sign will stay at the Fruitland Police Department until Monday. Then, it will go to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department for officers to sign, where Spencer’s dad currently works.

Officials add that another flag will be on display Monday at the Fruitland Police Department for community members to sign. Also, If you’re interested in contributing to fundraising efforts for Spencer, you can buy a Wiersberg Warriors T-Shirt from the Police Department for just 15 dollars.


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