Chesapeake Bay Program faces major funding cuts

Critical funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program is at risk, and local environmentalists are asking the legislators to reconsider budget cuts before passing their Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

Alan Girard, the Eastern Shore Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said, “The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure. It supports our economy, it brings quality of life to citizens, businesses, all folks who live here.”

The Trump Administration is considering cutting funding for the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay by a staggering 90% in their Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.

Girard said, “Now is not the time to be slowing down our investment. Now is the time to accelerate.”

We’re told the Chesapeake Bay Program has made significant strides over the years.

Girard said, “So some of the successes that we have seen with the investments are pollution declining over time, low oxygen dead zones shrinking over time, underwater grasses at historic levels.”

Now, people including Governor Larry Hogan who is the Chairman of the Chesapeake Executive Council, are worried that budget cuts would hinder any progress that’s been made. This is something the Chesapeake Bay Foundation echoed on Wednesday.

Girard said, “So this is real money for real projects here on Delmarva that are making a difference for clean water and we need those investments to continue.”

Governor Larry Hogan released a statement Wednesday morning saying in part, “We will not allow several decades of environmental restoration to be dismantled, we will continue to fight hard against any cuts to the cleanup program.”

This is not the first time the trump administration has tried to cut funding to the Chesapeake Bay Program.

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