Cambridge PD sees shortfall in officers; Working to recruit more

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Cambridge just had their city council meeting and they said the major issue the city faces is the loss of members of their police force. They said Cambridge PD is below its scheduled level of strength.

“Over the last year, we’ve lost 9 officers, we’re currently down 5 right now. They’ve been working extra shifts overtime to make sure everything is covered,” Cambridge PD Captain Justin Todd says.

Captain Todd, who’s been with the team for 19 years, says this is the first time he has seen employees leave for better paying jobs. “To be more competitive with other agencies on the shore and throughout the state of Maryland. With what our starting salary is, it’s easier for another officer to go somewhere else,” Captain Todd tells us.

47 ABC also spoke to Cambridge’s Economic Development Department and they say they aren’t surprised of this competition when it comes to hiring qualified employees like police officers. The Associate Director of Economic and Community Development, Brandon Hesson states, “Unemployment is way down our median household income is actually up 12% since 2016 so what that tells us is that we have a very competitive job market right now.”

That’s why Cambridge PD says it’s crucial to work out a better salary in the upcoming city council budget to recruit even more men and women. But until then, Captain Todd says the streets are still safe. “Our number one goal is to protect and serve the citizens of Cambridge and that’s what we’ll do no matter how short we are we will make it work.”

Cambridge PD says the money issues are also crucial because this could potentially affect programs like the newly introduced PAL program. They said they are working with the council and hope to add more money to the budget along with improvements in starting pay.

If you’d like to become an officer and join the Cambridge Police Department, you can go the city website or contact them for more information at 410-228-3333.

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