Winter weather makes overnight driving treacherous

DELMARVA –  Although the flakes are done falling, the roads on Delmarva will be hazardous in many spots.

We spoke with the Talbot Sheriff’s Office who say their lines have been ringing non-stop Friday, to respond to accidents and vehicles in ditches.

This was a scene familiar across many areas across Delmarva as the snow and slush made for icy conditions.

“Stay at home tonight, if you don’t have to be out, it should be a really important thing you’re out for if you’re out on these roads, they’re ice-covered, the crews are doing a decent job, but it’s just so cold that it’s just going to get worse,” said Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble.

Overnight 47ABC is expecting temperatures in the teens in some spots, so anything wet is expected to freeze.

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